The Underrated Advantages of Keeping your Day Job

Positioning to Consider if you're Starting a Side Hustle

Let’s talk about something that may sound non-intuitive when it comes to achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

It’s a line of thought that many of the twenty-something “gurus” touting their greatness on social media today would push back on.  It’s a way of approaching the whole concept of work-life balance with  some unique potential to optimize the use of your present resources while constructing a nice launch pad for future success while also maintaining your present way of life in the meantime.

What is it?

6 Common Mistakes People Make After a Betrayal

If you’ve never been betrayed by a friend, consider yourself lucky.

A betrayal, in many respects, is one of the more egregious things a person can do because it typically comes from someone to whom you’ve opened yourself up in a multitude of ways.

And in fact, misdirected vulnerability is one condition which lays the groundwork for betrayal.