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This past Saturday, my friend asked me to go with her to a massive electronics store…

It’s ironic, because just that morning I had started researching podcasting equipment (which that specific store had) as well as various training programs so I could learn more about the process.

Incidentally, here’s what prompted my decision to venture into the podcasting world:

This blog is headed in a good direction, and I think we’re nearing the point that we can expand into other mediums (i.e. podcasting, videos, etc.). Our niche is obviously still evolving, and I do think that digging in to these additional approaches will help expedite that niche-development process.

Of the available options, it seems that podcasting is the easiest and most logical next step.

One key thing I’m starting to understand is that even if we know little to nothing about something (i.e., my current knowledge about podcasting and associated skillsets) it’s sometimes beneficial to just dive into it, and thereby create an opportunity for our learning to take root and start growing rapidly.

All that said, I decided to not buy podcasting equipment just yet. I did purchase a training program over Udemy, however. Once I’ve had a chance to go through it in detail, I may put up a review. From watching the opening lecture, it appears comprehensive, and should provide a lot of shortcuts.

I noticed there are some lectures in the training program that do discuss equipment, and I anticipate that these will provide all the detail I need to make a wise purchase. I’ll likely be investing in a microphone and editing software in the next month or so.

In preparation for this podcasting move, I was thinking about a few things.

First off, I’m exploring the best ways to prepare the scripts and talk tracks for podcast episodes. From what I can tell, the process appears to be much different than writing blog posts. I’m not exactly sure how to best approach this just yet, but hopefully I’ll know more soon.

Secondly, when it comes to building an online brand, I’m becoming increasingly aware of the sheer number of available action options and areas of focus. Creating content is clearly only one piece of the puzzle, and it’s obviously important to devote time to other areas such as marketing, developing new connections, etc.

These are some big decisions to make, and I’m curious what your thoughts are on how to best approach next steps.

Along those same lines, I’d also like to hear your feedback on what’s working so far, and what should be changed.

Please comment below. It’d be great to get a conversation going on this topic.

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