The Underrated Advantages of Keeping your Day Job

Positioning to Consider if you're Starting a Side Hustle

Let’s talk about something that may sound non-intuitive when it comes to achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

It’s a line of thought that many of the twenty-something “gurus” touting their greatness on social media today would push back on.  It’s a way of approaching the whole concept of work-life balance with  some unique potential to optimize the use of your present resources while constructing a nice launch pad for future success while also maintaining your present way of life in the meantime.

What is it?

6 Common Mistakes People Make After a Betrayal

If you’ve never been betrayed by a friend, consider yourself lucky.

A betrayal, in many respects, is one of the more egregious things a person can do because it typically comes from someone to whom you’ve opened yourself up in a multitude of ways.

And in fact, misdirected vulnerability is one condition which lays the groundwork for betrayal.

“When you establish positive values rooted in right thinking and action you have ready-made guardrails. You won’t have to rethink each situation to determine the best course of action. Because you’ll already know.”

The Stand (Anchor, Reprint edition August 7, 2012)

I’m finally wrapping up the The Stand by Stephen King.

And, one thing to mention before we proceed… There are some spoiler alerts for some of the content interspersed below.

The Stand is truly a magnificent novel…