Plan Your Style and Save Some Time

Stepping Up Your Style While Making Time for What Matters Most

In the recent months, a typical morning for me has entailed multiple steps consisting of the following:

  • Getting up around 5AM
  • Making coffee
  • Reading & writing
  • Showering / shaving / brushing teeth
  • Cooking eggs and kale
  • Getting dressed

I’m usually on the road to the office by 6:40.

Now, this routine works and it’s fine, but perhaps there is a better way…

Targeting for Success

Keyword Research and a Deep Dive into Holistic Planning

I’ve stepped away from this blog for a few weeks.

Some new demands have been placed on my time, and I’ve been giving serious thought to the important things in life.  Prioritizing is always important, but all the more so as you grow in your relationships and climb higher up the corporate ladder.

Remembering Giri

On Predecessors, Mentors, Friendship, and Your Legacy

I was recently explaining to a friend the significance that the martial arts have had on my life.

It was back in the seventh grade when I first began studying Shuri-Te (a traditional form of karate).  Even before then I remember reading and watching everything I could on the topic.  During the course of my martial arts studies I came across a Japanese concept known as Giri