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Keyword Research and a Deep Dive into Holistic Planning

I’ve stepped away from this blog for a few weeks.

Some new demands have been placed on my time, and I’ve been giving serious thought to the important things in life.  Prioritizing is always important, but all the more so as you grow in your relationships and climb higher up the corporate ladder.

This reassessment has been and continues to be a good thing as it is helping to fine tune the focus of Wisdom and Strategy.  My hope is that this will help make the messaging more succinct, helpful, and value-added.

One of the things I’ve been looking into more closely, and which prompted the idea for this post is the concept of keyword research.  A primary component of making a piece of writing value-added is ensuring that it’s content which addresses the needs of its readership.

Keyword research is the process of examining what words, terms, and phrases people are searching for the most online.  The next step in this process entails coming up with ideas to write about these things.  This also requires additional research to ensure that the writing is accurate and helpful.

I’ll be allocating some time to this today, and am excited about taking this new, more focused approach to writing.

As I was looking into this, I began thinking how keyword research is really, in essence, successful targeting.  It’s a narrowing of focus down to the specific areas (whether those that are problematic, or those with a lot of growth potential) which merit attention.

It suddenly hit me that there are three specific areas that I need to target right now in my personal and business life:

  • Fitness
  • Finances
  • Meal Planning

My plan for the weekend is to focus on the third bullet – meal planning.  I will address the others in subsequent posts.  The interesting thing with these three topics is that they’re all interconnected.

For instance, I want to focus on meal planning for a few different reasons.

  1. It will save money and time (finances).  Getting meals ready for the week will mean that there will be little to no need to eat out during the week.  From my perspective, this will easily save $30 – $50 a week in lunches alone
  2. Preparing healthy meals ahead of time will also help to stay on track from a fitness perspective.  By avoiding the burger and fries and the office cafeteria, I can shave off calories, and better set the stage for nutritious meals.

This is a new, exciting endeavor.  I’m looking forward to sharing the results of this, and will post of images and some written documentation of my experience.

What I’d like to do is look online for recipes, and plans that have worked best for others.  I may end up developing my own however.

Once concern I have is that I’m not sure how long these prepared meals will keep.  A goal here would be to prepare something that would last for up to five days in the fridge.

Have you ever done early meal prep for a week in advance?  It’d be great to hear about your experiences.


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