Plan Your Style and Save Some Time

Stepping Up Your Style While Making Time for What Matters Most

In the recent months, a typical morning for me has entailed multiple steps consisting of the following:

  • Getting up around 5AM
  • Making coffee
  • Reading & writing
  • Showering / shaving / brushing teeth
  • Cooking eggs and kale
  • Getting dressed

I’m usually on the road to the office by 6:40.

Now, this routine works and it’s fine, but perhaps there is a better way…

One of the purposes of this blog is to take a hard look at ways to strategically use resources.  One of these resources is your time, and another is the style (clothes and accessories) that you have at your disposal.

Historically, the way I’ve approached dressing in the morning has been far from optimized.

When I wash clothes, I try to hang them up right away as often as I can.  Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t get around to it.  When that happens, the clothes tend to get thrown into a pile on the floor and end up in a wrinkled mess.

In situations where this is the case (and when I’m getting ready for work in the morning) I have a specific process I’ll follow:

  • Pick up the shirt and pants I’ll be wearing that day
  • Throw them in the dryer with a damp towel
  • Turn on the dryer
  • Take out the clothes and put them on

Now, ironing would be preferred here, but I often don’t have the time or inclination to do this.

With the dryer method, my clothes generally come out in a non-wrinkled state, which is the desired goal.  That said, these are extra tedious steps that take time every morning to complete.

Just the other day, it occurred to me that it would make a lot more sense to get all my clothes ready for the week during the weekend.  When I say “ready”, I mean doing the following

  • Press all clothes
  • Keep associated pants and shirts hung up together
  • Also keep socks, etc. together with the pants and the shirts that are hanging in the closet (perhaps in a bag over the hangers)

As I write this, a few things are becoming clear to me:

  • This idea is very simplistic
  • I’m openly admitting my former, semi-lazy clothes maintenance strategies
  • It’s an idea that’s far from creative rocket science

The positive thing here, and why it’s worth mentioning is that it’s something that could easily save twenty minutes of running back and forth every morning, as well as a number of extra steps.  Cutting out extra steps like these can help prevent stress and fatigue in an already busy week.

I anticipate doing this going forward.  From what I anticipate, it will open the door to some key opportunities

  • From a fashion perspective, this will help ensure a more “put-together” type of look
  • The planning process will provide a chance to include additional creativity (fun socks, ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, etc.) like bowties.  Well, maybe not bowties.
  • The measure of time that is saved will allow time for other, value-added pursuits (i.e. 20 minutes for a quick run, weight-lifting, meditation, or yoga)

How do you approach your laundry and clothing maintenance?  Do you do all your washing on the weekend, or do a few loads sporadically throughout the week on an as needed basis?

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